Is Adoption For Me?

The idea of adoption may be confusing to you at the moment, but we understand the question marks around this choice and are here to help clear those up.

As the birth mother, you get to decide what type of adoption you want to go through with. Adoption has drastically changed over the years for the better, and you get a lot more of a say in the process. 

This option is a selfless one, and we can help you understand all your options and available resources with adoption. 

You Have Adoption Options

There are three adoption options to choose from depending on the desired relationship you want with your child. The following are your three adoption plans to choose from: 

  • Open adoption: With an open adoption plan, the woman can choose the child’s adoptive family and form a relationship with them. Communication can occur through phone calls, letters, or regular visits.
  • Semi-open adoption: The woman has contact with the adoptive family, but all communication is carried out via a third party, like an adoption agency or attorney.
  • Closed adoption: If you need privacy, a closed adoption ensures that all identifying records are sealed. The woman remains anonymous, with no contact between her and the adoptive family. 

We know it’s not an easy choice, but one of these may fit best with your unique lifestyle. Think them over to choose one that resonates with you.

Have More Adoption Questions?

We understand this process is not the same for everyone. Your journey is unique, and we’re here to help meet your unique needs. We offer community referrals so you can find the adoption support you need.

Schedule a no-cost appointment to learn more about adoption and see if it’s a good fit for your future. We are here to help you get the clarity you need.