Did you receive a positive pregnancy test? A positive pregnancy test is not the only thing you need to make a pregnancy decision. An ultrasound is essential to understanding your pregnancy details and safeguarding your health.

Whether you’re thinking of adoption, abortion, or parenting, receiving an ultrasound is important to know what’s next. Move forward with clarity in your pregnancy journey.

How Does An Ultrasound Work?

An ultrasound uses high-frequency sound waves to reveal images of your uterus and the fetus. During an ultrasound, the ultrasound tech uses a gel to reduce static between your skin and the transducer (the sensing device) to get a clear picture.

The first ultrasound is normally done during the first trimester to confirm pregnancy. An ultrasound is typically a very simple and painless process.

Why Ultrasounds Matter

An ultrasound has the great ability to show you more details about your pregnancy. It brings clarity about the growth and development of your pregnancy.

An ultrasound can alert you to any potential pregnancy complications and confirm three things:

  1. How far along you are in pregnancy (gestational age)
  2. The location of the pregnancy (whether it’s located within your uterus)
  3. If it’s a viable pregnancy or not (has a heartbeat and is progressing)

Receive A No-Cost Limited Ultrasound

Get a no-cost limited obstetrical ultrasound done by our medical staff today after receiving positive pregnancy testing results with us. An ultrasound allows us to evaluate how far along you are in your pregnancy and if it looks like it is progressing normally.

We’re here for you and to help you understand your pregnancy options once you’ve confirmed your pregnancy details. Schedule your free & confidential limited ultrasound appointment today.

It’s important to receive an ultrasound before making your final pregnancy decision. We can help you explore them after this important step of pregnancy confirmation.